Wireless Telecommunications

June 1, 2013

Telecommunication is distance communication by use of technology at distances and common electromagnetic and electrical telecommunication technology includes; Internet, Communications satellites, fiber optics, microwave transmissions, radio, networks, teleprompter and telephone.
In the 1900’s the revolution of wireless telecommunication began and it comes down to the information transferred from two or more points that are not connected to another or electrical conductors. Electromagnetic wireless telecommunications is one of the most common wireless technologies used, such as the radio. Different wireless technology is used in different types of radio communications such as the use of a remote for a radio, which uses only a couple of metres distance as oppose to radio communications hundreds or even thousands of miles away, such as deep-space radio communications. Cellular phones and wireless networking are two other very common wireless telecommunications and also used on a daily basis by millions.
Wireless telecommunication has a very broad wireless technology range for example, cordless phones, broadcast television, satellite television, radio receivers, headphones, keyboards, wireless computer mice, garage door openers, GPS units and more. Cordless is a term that should not be confused with wireless as many often do as cordless has a limited mobility as it has to be connected to the main power supply’s range. You do get wireless cordless phones, as the information is transferred from the telephones base unit to the cordless phone via a wireless communications link.
The word wireless is a term often used by the older generation as that is what they called the first radio that came into use. This term wireless was established in wireless technology and generally used to describe broadband Internet and also the connection used in cellular networks. Other types of product that doesn’t have a wire connected to it, like a remote control is often referred to as a wireless remote control; although that is technically not what the wireless telecommunications are about.


Top Wireless Network Services Companies

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Wireless Security

Home Wireless Security When you use a wireless router or access point to create a home network, you trade wired connectivity for connectivity delivered via a radio signal. Unless you secure this signal, strangers can piggyback on your internet connection or, worse, monitor your online activity or access files on your hard drive. By taking the following actions, you can help… More

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