Wireless Telecommunications Overview

August 5, 2013

Irrespective of the geographical size of the country and its population, the telecommunication industry is likewise imperative for the financial system of any country as well the interests of the citizens living there. Formerly, the telecommunication sector comprised of the conventional landline telephone and television cable networks. At present, cellular phone services, Internet broadband networks, General Packet Radio Service and satellite television systems are the additional services which fall in the category of telecommunication.
Due to the advancement of technology in the telecommunication engineering, the globe is absolutely linked together. People from different parts of the world not only correspond very straightforwardly with each other, but they can also share boundless information with each other with the application of cell phones, internet and GPRS.
The telecommunication sector can be roughly divided into two divisions. First is the wired telecommunication and the other is the wireless telecommunication. Wireless telecommunication is the newest technology which is most preferred by people these days due to its simplicity and mobility.
The customary wired landlines telephones, wired television cable networks and wired internet connections are the prime models of wired telecommunication products. On the other hand, cellular phones, wireless internet connections like Wi-Fi technology and General Packet Radio Service are the significant instances of wireless telecommunication systems.
In wireless telecommunication, the data is transferred from the basic source to the device users with the aid of radio towers. Cellular phones are the devices which have achieved recognition among people more rapidly than any other device of wireless telecommunication.


Top Wireless Network Services Companies

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Wireless Security

Home Wireless Security When you use a wireless router or access point to create a home network, you trade wired connectivity for connectivity delivered via a radio signal. Unless you secure this signal, strangers can piggyback on your internet connection or, worse, monitor your online activity or access files on your hard drive. By taking the following actions, you can help… More

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