Wireless Telecommunications Industry Analysis

July 15, 2013

The wireless telecommunications industry in the United States has seen huge growth showing over 321.7 million subscribers in their figures of 2012. Wireless telecommunications generated over $178.4 billion in revenue and is a vital part of the US economy and that was only during 2012.
The major players in wireless telecommunications in the US are AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. There is a lot of money to be made in the wireless technology industry, as there are more wireless connections than people in the United States. A worsening financial climate and increased efficiency makes the wireless telecommunications industry a lucrative employment industry.
Over 2.6 percent of Americans are either employed by the wireless telecommunications industry or indirectly employed by them. The job creation in this field is great and remains a top employment possibility.
Verizon who is the second largest wireless telecommunications industry in the United States was not immune to the global recession, but the mobile industry stays strong due to the continued growth in the mobile and broadband market. The rollout of the 4G market further enhances the market in telecommunications as it continuously fuel wireless growth.
The United States continuous to remain the strongest in the wireless telecommunications market than any other developed country with a growth of 3.7 percent every year. The mobile market in the united states are expected to grow over $200 billion by 2015 and no flat lining is expected soon.
Although Verizon is ranked the second highest in the united States they are also ranked the highest in network quality performance and it is expected that Verizon will soon take over the wireless telecommunications market from AT&T. Verizon continuous to take steps in ensuring their leadership role in the United States with more advanced wireless broadband connections, upgrading clients faster and overall internet-access.


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