Wireless Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers

July 5, 2013

The manufacturing industry of wireless telecommunications is a very competitive landscape and demand is seriously driven by the use of wireless telecommunications services. The profitability of the various companies solely depends on bringing new products to the market and efficient operations. Larger companies enjoy economic freedom in the purchasing of manufacturing equipment, components, and raw materials. Small companies also compete quite effectively in the specialization of components and niche products.
Wireless telecommunications equipment manufacturers primarily manufacture mobile phones and relevant equipment, which are used in satellite communications, television, and radio broadcasting. GPS equipment, cable equipment, receiving, and transmitting antennas, broadcasting equipment are some of the other major wireless technology in the industry. Listed below are some manufacturers of wireless telecommunications equipment:
• Airwave technologies – Taiwanese manufacturer of RF modules in the use of domestic wireless applications such as video streaming, alarms and surveillance
• Alloyant technologies – manufacturer of point-to point broadband wireless access systems
• Andrew Corporation – Communications services and systems including cellular, mobile radio, personal communications and broadcast
• BM Electronica – sol8id transmitters, related equipment for broadcast television industry
• Comarco –world-wide wireless communications products
• Continental Wireless – design of communication systems like two way radios, point-to-point microwave and wireless broadband
• Power Tec telecommunications – business and wireless telecommunications solutions such as cellular phone boosters, GSM gateways, Fixed wireless terminals, mobile repeater
• Qualcomm –design CDMA chipsets, network base stations, modems, handsets, system software, camera phones, car safety systems, surveillance systems, game players
• Sharp communications – wireless telecommunications equipment and products, including 2-way radio, satellite phones, cellular phones and paging
• Trango broadband wireless – broadband wireless connectivity solutions for surveillance and network access
• UT Starcom – equipment for service providers operating wireless networks in telecommunications markets.
• Vector communications – wireless telecommunications services
• Wavesight –wireless solutions for high bandwidth, secure. Long rand date transmission, including video and voice.
• Tech 21 – developers of input media for mobile devices


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