Wireless telecommunications is the transfer of information between two or more points that are not physically connected. Distances can be short, such as a few meters for television remote control, or as far as thousands or even millions of kilometers for deep-space radio communications. It encompasses various types of fixed, mobile, and portable two-way radios, cellular telephones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and wireless networking. Other examples of wireless technology include GPS units, Garage door openers or garage doors, wireless computer mice, keyboards and Headset (telephone/computer), headphones, radio receivers, satellite television, broadcast television and cordless telephones.

Common examples of wireless equipment include:

* Telemetry control and traffic control systems
* Infrared and ultrasonic remote control devices
* Modulated laser light systems for point to point communications
* Professional LMR (Land Mobile Radio) and SMR (Specialized Mobile Radio) typically used by business, industrial and Public Safety entities.
* Consumer Two way radio including FRS Family Radio Service, GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) and Citizens band (“CB”) radios.
* The Amateur Radio Service (Ham radio).
* Consumer and professional Marine VHF radios.
* Airband and radio navigation equipment used by aviators and air traffic control
* Cellular telephones and pagers: provide connectivity for portable and mobile applications, both personal and business.
* Cordless computer peripherals: the cordless mouse is a common example; keyboards and printers can also be linked to a computer via wireless using technology such as Wireless USB or Bluetooth
* Cordless telephone sets: these are limited-range devices, not to be confused with cell phones.
* Satellite television: Is broadcast from satellites in geostationary orbit. Typical services use direct broadcast satellite to provide multiple television channels to viewers.
* Global Positioning System (GPS): allows drivers of cars and trucks, captains of boats and ships, and pilots of aircraft to ascertain their location anywhere on earth. When you are driving abroad protect yourself in case of an unexpected injury with travel insurance.